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Should you get a second opinion before making a big dental care decision?

Knowing your options: 2nd opinionsEvery day in our office we have patients that were referred to us for a second (or third) opinion on dental treatment.

When I was in Boston, I taught dentistry at Tufts Dental School. Among the multitude of teaching assignments I was honored to be selected for, most gratifying was my responsibility to make sure that all treatment plans and options were presented to our patients. I, with my students, carefully spent the time to ensure the patient understands the advantages and disadvantages of each option available.

Today, we saw a new patient that was referred as she was having a problem with an old bridge. She had been to her dentist, and he explained that the extensive fixed bridge that she had in her mouth was decayed and the porcelain was fracturing.  I presented an alternative plan involving implants, although I did agree that the most conservative treatment was to just redo her old bridge. Impressed with the time we spent and that other options were available, and the fact that the cost of our treatment was less, she had us remove her bridge, remove the decay and she walked out with esthetically improved dentistry and much healthier teeth.

Last week, we saw a patient in his mid-twenties for a second opinion. He had been to several dentists, as he had several decayed and missing teeth and teeth that were out of alignment. Orthodontics involving several years of therapy had been presented and our treatment, utilizing some provisional crowns and strategically placed implants, would solve the problem in a few short hours. I did present Invisalign as a treatment option but the patient decided on the more efficient solution and we both knew that he would be happier much sooner with the results.

If you need a second opinion or want to see more options that may be available you can always call our office or schedule an appointment through our website. We do spend the time for you to make a decision that suits your esthetic and financial concerns, and you will understand the advantage and disadvantage of each treatment presented.

One Response to "Should you get a second opinion before making a big dental care decision?"

  1. Sonrisa Family Dental  February 1, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    This is a great topic that I don’t believe a lot of people touch on. For just about EVERYTHING in life you should try to gain a second opinion. Of course, there will always be circumstances preventing a second opinion, cost likely being the leading inhibitor, but if you have an opportunity, a second opinion will never hurt.


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