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How to ease your dental anxiety and enjoy dentistry

Dental patient without anxiety

A happy patient, free of dental anxiety

This week, we had a couple interesting patients that we promised painless and comfortable dentistry.  Both of them told of a previous bad experience in other dental offices that have contributed to their dental fear. We were determined to improve their views of receiving dental work and to make them as comfortable as possible in our office.

One of the patients told us that she was extremely hard to get numb and that her previous dentist had a very hard time making it so that she did not feel dental work. I told her that I would have no problem providing her painless dentistry.   Before I started, I used some newer but widely used anesthetics that we placed in very specific areas around her teeth and gums.  These local anesthetics work wonderfully. She watched her favorite show on the TV above her chair, and she felt no discomfort.  She was so happy, and her attitude and apprehension were instantly changed about dentistry. Her dental anxiety was relieved.

A second patient this week was concerned about a root canal procedure. She had come in prior to her appointment and made sure that the little pill that she took would take away her apprehension about the procedure.  She handled the root canal procedure extremely well and actually enjoyed her visit.  An easy, comfortable, painless root canal was well appreciated.

In our office, we use numerous techniques to ensure that the experience is as anxiety-free as possible. We ask our patients if they would like to watch TV and give them the remote, and they are in charge.  We try to be entertaining as we work and enjoy laughing and telling and listening to stories with our patients.  We also use the best local anesthetics to prevent any discomfort. Our goal is to provide a relaxing and comfortable dental visit to our patients.

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  1. family dentist in bramingham  May 30, 2013 at 7:50 am

    Dental anxiety is nothing that a patient should be ashamed of. In fact, there are very few people that march into a dental office without some degree of nerves. You are definitely not alone if you put off checkups, or dental procedures, out of fear of pain and discomfort.


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