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Why are patients so happy after Smile Makeovers?

Smile makeover

Smile Makeover: Before and After

Last week, we had a couple new patients that were unhappy with the  appearance of their worn down and discolored front teeth.  They had spent years bonding their teeth and placing caps on some broken teeth with previous dentists, yet gradually became more dissatisfied with with their smile.  Our approach is simple, to listen to our patient’s esthetic desires and deliver great looking smile makeovers.

Usually, patients have some teeth that are acceptable in terms of their shape and position but just need to be lightened.  Our approach is to first  use teeth whitening in the areas that need improvement, and then match the teeth that need more extensive restoration to the lighter bleached teeth.

On our first patient, we used one hour Zoom! tooth whitening to make her lower teeth lighter. Then, we redid an old bridge on the upper left side and placed new caps on her upper front teeth that had extensive bondings.  In two visits, she was ecstatic with the results, and that was just for the bleaching and placement of her temporary new crowns.  At the next visit, we were completed with her work and placed all of her crowns and her bridge with temporary cement.   We wanted her to make sure that she was thrilled with the final product before we permanently cemented her new dentistry.  She also could always make her natural teeth lighter as we gave her bleach trays to make sure her smile kept looking great.  We then permanently cemented all her dentistry for a perfect result.

Our second patient was unhappy with an older bridge that appeared to have shadows around the teeth and made it seem that there were discolorations in the crowns.  At our first visit, we obtained the result we wanted with some new well-shaped and colored temporary crowns.  At her next visit, we tried in the framework for her new crowns. At the following visit, her new bridge was cemented temporarily.  She was very, very happy with the decision to redo her bridge and makeover her smile, as she had finally corrected a problem with her smile that  had bothered her for years.

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  1. family dentist whitchurch  May 30, 2013 at 7:39 am

    A Smile Makeover is a complete transformation of your smile from one you are uncomfortable showing to one that you are proud of in every situation.


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