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Our goal is to make your dental appointment easy, relaxing and efficient

dental office with TV in the ceiling

We have TVs in the ceiling, allowing you to sit back and relax during your dental cleaning and exam!

Just the other day two patients commented on how efficiently our office ran and how their needs were so easily met under our care.  They were a husband and wife and they both came in at the same time to get their teeth cleaned.  We have two hygienists hard at work every day, allowing the husband and wife to each have a 1 pm appointment on the same day for semi-annual exams and cleanings.  I came in after their teeth cleanings, checked both their mouths, and they both had great checkups with no work needed!  They were so happy that the appointments easily fit into their schedule and their time at the dental office was stress-free and efficient.

We also have an endodontist (root canal specialist), Dr. Kerman, and a periodontist, Dr. Hauer, who have been with us for several years.  For our patients’ convenience, if a root canal is needed, many times we schedule the restoration that is needed while the anesthesia is still working.  It is as simple as walking from our endodontic specialty suite to the next room where we complete the cosmetic dentistry.  As for the periodontist, if an implant is needed, often the crown is provided at the same appointment and our patients are ecstatic that they almost instantaneously have a new tooth.

In our state-of-the-art lab, we can custom color a crown to make sure it looks perfectly natural and blends perfectly with the surrounding teeth.  Within fifteen minutes, the crown is placed in a porcelain oven, heated, cooled and ready to be cemented with the exact desired shade.  Our patients can just watch an overhead TV set and, in a very short time, their dentistry is complete and ready to be inserted.  We love that our office has nine full rooms of dental equipment and a lab to fully exceed your expectations.  Even our front desk personnel, Erika and Julianne, are extremely qualified assistants to help us with your dentistry if needed. Our efficiency and teamwork is a wonderful attribute for all our patients to enjoy as much as we do.

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