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Discussing necessary dental treatment is easy with digital x-rays

Dental implant digital x-ray

Digital x-ray of two dental implants with crowns

I am always amazed at how fast and comfortably the dental assistants in my office can take digital films of our patients’ teeth. We used to call them dental x-rays but that term now seems old fashioned. The exposure to harmful radiation is minimal and patients that used to be bothered by taking a series of x-rays always comment as to how easy it was during the procedure. After the series of films, I immediately show every patient the results. On the computer, I can show patients their crowns, fillings, root canals and we can even draw on the screen where a dental procedure is needed. All of our patients can readily understand what and where dentistry is needed.

If a dental implant is necessary, we can draw its image on the monitor and show our patients its size and location. Our patients are better educated before work is started, and if any patient likes to look at treatment that is planned, we can also instantly print the drawings that are shown.

Just this week, we had a new patient who did not like that her front teeth were getting looser, and she also cosmetically did not like the way they looked. We took a series of dental films, and within five minutes, we had her x-rays emailed up north, and I was on the phone with her periodontist. Her periodontist and I agreed that teeth had to be crowned and splinted together to made them stronger, so their mobility would be minimized. The procedure was scheduled, and I know that immediately after her first visit, when we give her a mirror to look at her new smile, we will have one extremely happy patient with strong, solid and beautiful front teeth.

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