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What causes tooth sensitivity?

Person experiencing dental pain or sensitivity

Tooth pain or sensitivity is a dental emergency and should not be ignored

A few times a week we have patients that call us as they have sensitivity in their teeth. The sensitivity can be exacerbated from biting down or from just having a bowl of soup. We find that these sensitivities can be important and our office always gives any patient an appointment to be seen on the day of their phone call for an emergency evaluation. We assess the situation carefully as some of these sensitivities my be a sign that there is just a minor problem, to a major situation that may involve a cracked tooth.
Often what is involved is to just desensitize a tooth for a tooth that has fleeting cold sensitivity. We have products that we apply to the the sensitive area; it is almost like painting a protective sealant, and the tooth is vastly improved. With greater discomfort (i.e. a toothache) a tooth may be be painful to hot drinks or have a lingering sensitivity to cold, which would most likely involve root canal therapy. Dr. Kerman is our endodontist that works magic with these teeth.
Occasionally, teeth fracture and they become sensitive to chewing. Yesterday we evaluated a tooth that was sensitive and we did a procedure that determined that the tooth had a hairline crack. Unfortunately, there is no great solution to restore a cracked tooth that is causing bone loss. The treatment that we recommended was to immediately extract the tooth and place an implant, which is a great way to replace a missing or lost tooth.
Patients also call us when they can’t determine whether it is the gum or the tooth that is the cause of their discomfort. If the gum tissue is inflamed, we often can just clean out debris that has become lodged under the gum line. We clean the gum tissue with a scaler, and with a curettage of the inflamed tissue, the problem is solved and healing will begin quickly.
These are just some of the emergency dental situations we deal with on a daily basis. Fortunately, there is very little we haven’t seen before, and we have great soulutions for these issues.

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