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How to replace a hopeless broken tooth with a dental implant

A broken tooth that needs emergency dental service

A broken tooth requiring emergency dental care

Implant placement has become the norm for saving fractured teeth that may have a questionable long-term prognosis.  Implants have become the most predictable solution in many cases if a tooth has broken at or below the gum line.  These teeth can be readily removed and an implant and a temporary crown can be immediately placed in one visit.

On a daily basis, we have patients come in for an emergency appointment with a broken tooth (we see all emergencies, as well as any new patient, on the day they call).  In the vast majority of cases, we repair these teeth with large restorations or crowns.  These teeth may require root canal therapy if the tooth is not vital, and a post may also be necessary.  On the other hand, broken teeth may have weakened roots, little tooth structure, or are hopelessly decayed and the current recommendation in dentistry is to immediately replace these teeth with dental implants.

Yesterday, we saw a patient that broke a tooth in the front of her mouth and there was no tooth structure that was readily visible.  We reviewed the options of trying to save the tooth with a root canal and crown and gum work to expose the tooth, but the more predictable and guaranteed solution was to replace the tooth with an implant.  At her appointment, we readily extracted the root structure that was left and immediately replaced it with an implant and a temporary crown. After years of studying the longevity of saving teeth with questionable outcomes, implants will give a patient more longevity. Also, the implant manufacturer and our office stand behind the success of the implant.  Our patient left the office with an implant-supported tooth that looked totally natural that enhanced her smile.  She was ecstatic over how easily we replaced her tooth and how fast the whole procedure was.

We can also immediately replace a few broken-down, non-restorable teeth with implants.  Patients love this solution and we think it is the greatest.  I call every patient at night to see how they are feeling after their implant placement, and everyone has told me they are doing fine.  It is a joy to provide this service to our patients.

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  1. Newbury Dentist  May 28, 2013 at 6:53 am

    Implanting new teeth is good but i heard it effect our eyes is it true???????


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