How to handle a broken filling or chipped tooth?

Do you have a filling or tooth that suddenly broke?

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by Lissauer Dental: Jeffrey B. Lissauer, DMD 1 Comment
Broken tooth filling

An example of a tooth with a broken filling

Here is a quote I repeatedly say, “When we are younger, we can fall and we get right back up. As we get older, it gets a lot more difficult”.  This quote is not very profound, but our bones do become more brittle as we age and so do our teeth. So, I always caution my patients not to eat hard nuts or pretzels.  What is a really bad habit?  Chewing on ice!

We see around one patient a day for emergency dental care because they have broken a tooth. Our office policy is to see the patient the day we are called, because you do not want to have a broken tooth or filling for long.

Many patients have large tooth fillings that were been placed many years ago, and, over time, there just is not a lot of solid tooth structure left supporting the restoration.  Many patients come in as an emergency with a large filling and that is all that is left in their tooth.  The filling looks fine, but the rest of the tooth is gone!   The usual fix is to make a crown which involves preparing the tooth, taking an impression and making a temporary crown. On the next visit, the crown is inserted.  Occasionally, we will see a patient that had a root canal done in a tooth and they never had the tooth restored with a cap.  The tooth fractures as a root canalled tooth is not as strong as our original equipment.  We caution all our patients to restore any endodontically treated teeth so they are protected when biting hard.

Yesterday, I had the classic case of an emergency patient that broke a tooth when they placed a Snickers in the freezer and decided it would be a good thing to eat.

You know the rest of the story.

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  1. Many of us faces too much problems with broken teeth and need to filling this broken place. Thanks for sharing this with us. It really help to find a solution of this problem.

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