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Please fix my denture today!

Denture held in by implants

We pride ourselves on repairing implant dentures the same day that we are called.

Yesterday, we had a new patient that was referred to our office as his implant-retained denture had fractured. The dentist that fabricated the denture had done an excellent job, but the denture had become thin and was severely worn down. The denture teeth had to be replaced and needed a total repair, yet still would be compromised. In our office, we have a multitude of implant saving drivers and attachments that we can use to help patients that need immediate solutions to implant problems. The patient had heard about our services from one of his friends, and we were glad to have him come to see us for his denture repair on the day he called. We removed the old failing denture, and the patient had a spare denture which we were able to fit comfortably after we modified the attachments. We were able to use our implant supplies to reline and attach his spare denture.

He left our office extremely thankful and happy. Our suggestion was to return to his former dentist and have a new denture made. The patient was very impressed with our expertise in our immediate, one day implant denture repair He could now chew with  confidence and was comfortable for the weekend. He would have needed to travel too far to return to his former dentist, and he decided to use our office for his future dental work. This new patient, in one visit, decided that he wanted us to be take new records, appropriate x-rays, clean his teeth, and start on a new denture early next week.

3 Responses to "Please fix my denture today!"

  1. Dr. Woldman  August 14, 2013 at 8:41 am

    Thank you for the information regarding denture repair. i would tell you about Air Abrasion And Micro Dentistry, in modern technology where the dentist uses a fine powder called aluminum oxide and under controlled pressure, blasts out small cavities in teeth. Under this method of treating cavities, needles or anesthetic are not required. The other advantage that this method has over conventional dentistry is that the dentist can remove small cavities, without having to remove healthy tooth enamel and also place the white fillings without using a needle.

  2. william hamel  August 27, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    Looks are important to patients, but they are always looking for convenience and economy in their dental treatment.


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