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Zoom! teeth whitening and dental crowns to fix chipped yellow teeth

Bright smile with teeth whitening

Creating beautiful smiles!

Yesterday we saw a patient with chipped front teeth. He was concerned, because the teeth had yellowed and saw crack lines were running the length of the teeth.  Before treatment, we outlined the several options available.  We could just bond the teeth, with the understanding they may chip again.  There also was the possibility that they would crack further and make them eventually difficult to restore.  We also discussed veneers, which by placing a thin porcelain covering over the teeth, we would create beautiful and long lasting restorations  The other option was to place dental crowns, which would cover the teeth and give the strongest and most likely the most trouble free and longest lasting result.

When we are in this situation, we have the option of choosing any shade to repair the teeth that need restoration.  Many of our patients decide that now, since they can choose a lighter color for their front teeth, it is a perfect time to Zoom!® all of their teeth lighter.  We use one-hour in-office Zoom! teeth whitening to achieve an optimal shade.  Then, we custom color the dental crowns to perfectly match the new lighter shade of the back teeth. Very quickly, patients can have a new brighter smile.

So, on this patient,  we started to repair the craze lines. Several old white composite fillings were evidently unsupported, and the crack lines ran all the way from the front to the back of the teeth.  We decided to place crowns on these front teeth to make them as strong as possible. We fabricated temporary crowns that were an amazing improvement over what his teeth looked like when he first came in.  This patient decided that he did not want to use teeth whitening, since he was happy with the coloration of his back teeth. So, we used the shade of his back teeth and perfectly matched the new crowns. The patient was tremendously happy with his new smile!

Many of our male patients decide not to bleach the rest or their teeth. However, while they have temporary crowns, they  go home and show their wives how nice they look and then, after some spousal persuasion, come back and Zoom! the rest of their teeth. After the Zoom!, we will custom color the final crowns to perfectly match the newly whitened back teeth. We have a porcelain oven in our laboratory in our office, and we can harmoniously match any shade.

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