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A simple solution to increase the longevity of a Partial Denture

A picture of a flexible partial denture

A natural looking, comfortable partial denture

Yesterday we saw a patient from New York, as he had fractured a tooth that was supporting his partial denture.  The treatment plan given to him up north was to extract the tooth and to make him a new partial.  Our examination revealed that the tooth was actually in pretty good shape and could be saved after we built up the tooth and placed a crown.

We reviewed our treatment plan that would be completed by the next visit.  The other opinion would have involved many visits to make a new partial and numerous adjustments after the extraction of the tooth to make the partial comfortable.

The patient agreed with our treatment plan, since he likes the look and fit of his partial denture but really wants the fractured tooth fixed. So, we built up the fractured tooth with a bonded core build up, prepared the tooth, made a temporary crown, and took an impression with the partial in place.  Our patient is a professor and his partial would be returned to him in a few hours so he would have his teeth back to teach his students the next day.  On his next visit, his treatment would be completed. The crown would be inserted.  His partial would fit well, and there will be no adjustment needed.

We also have completed several implants for this patient and he asked us about possibly replacing his partial altogether.  We discussed the placement of two implants and a few crowns to eliminate his partial.  He said he would let us know as he considered this treatment plan. We have had many patients that have replaced their removable partials with fixed implants. All of those patients love the convenience of not having to remove their “teeth” from their mouth, and they love that partial denture adjustments are eliminated forever.

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