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Do you get food stuck between your teeth or caps?

Food stuck between teeth

How annoying is it to have food stuck between your teeth?

On many occasions, we get new patients that complain that they are getting food caught in between their old crowns. They find that after every meal they have to floss or pick at their teeth to remove food debris.  This is often because the crowns do not have strong contacts with adjacent teeth.

Today, we were inserting new dental crowns on a patient that stated he had been catching food. For years, he had an uncomfortable feeling, since he was trapping food in between the crowns and ended up with a large amount of decay underneath his caps. We made the patient new crowns and ensured they fit perfectly. The next step was to establish strong contacts with adjacent teeth. When we checked the crowns initially, the contacts were a little light. So, we added porcelain to the contact areas and placed the crowns in the porcelain oven and within 15 minutes the crowns were heated, cooled and glazed with great strong contacts. We cemented the crowns, and I called the patient tonight and he stated it was the first time in years he actually enjoyed a steak dinner. Finally, no food was getting stuck!

Quite often during the day we are so glad to have a dental lab with a porcelain oven in our office. We continually create new smiles with porcelain veneers or crowns.

Just yesterday we were placing some crowns on a patient and we wanted to custom color the new restorations so they would perfectly blend in with the surrounding natural teeth. We used a palette of glazes to add slight variations of color to the crowns to get the exact match in shade. Once the patient, my assistants, and I all agreed that the shade was perfect, we placed the crowns in the porcelain oven and within 15 minutes the crowns were heated, cooled and glazed with the perfectly matching color. The glaze was permanent and does not wear away from the crown’s surface. It is quite an experience for the patient as they watch us shade their crowns and transform them into looking totally natural.

We also are fortunate to work closely with an excellent local dental lab. The laboratory staff comes to our office frequently as patients are referred to us if their implant crowns or implant restoration gets loose or fractures. We have thousands of implant components that we can utilize to repair or replace implant parts and implant crowns. It is very rewarding to know that we have so many solutions to get the perfect fix, color or repairs for implants and crowns.

One Response to "Do you get food stuck between your teeth or caps?"

  1. JOHN SIGNES  September 22, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    I have an ongoing problem with food trapped under and between crowns and implants…Just the other day, lost crown and had extraction of tooth remaining, impressions taken for a flexible bridge to replace lost tooth plus two end teeth…all lower..
    Constant flossing, proxy brush, swishing water, to no avail ; eventually some relief…I have a reliable dentist but if cannot help further..may look into other options…Thank you


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