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How to fix crowded, crooked and chipped teeth with Invisalign® and Dental Crowns

Beautiful smie We constantly have patients that ask us about their crooked teeth.  Many had braces when they were younger and gradually noticed that their teeth became more and more crowded over the years.  So, patients constantly question what would be involved to make their smiles more attractive.

We offer our patients a multitude of options that would achieve the results that they want for a gorgeous Smile Makeover.   We offer the choice of an orthodontic cure, but many of our patients don’t want braces.  Invisalign works great to straighten teeth and we can correct crowded teeth almost invisibly without braces.  Invisalign patients are so happy, as they notice their teeth straightening by wearing a series of clear trays that gradually move teeth into their proper positions.   We love Invisalign for our patients, but some patients want that instant cure.   We also use veneers that work excellently to correct minor discrepancies in crooked and discolored teeth.

Last week, we had a patient that wanted an immediate fix to her crowded, chipped, and discolored lower front teeth.  We discussed  many options and she decided to crown her teeth as she had a family function in three weeks.  At her first appointment, we prepared her teeth and took impressions for dental crowns.  Her new temporary crowns corrected most of the esthetic problems that she saw and straightened the appearance of her crooked teeth.   The next week we tried the support for her new crowns and in a few more days we were finished. Within three weeks we corrected her smile and she was ready for her granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah.  She reported back that everyone told her how wonderful she looked, but most of her relatives and old friends couldn’t quite figure out why she looked so great.  To us, it was the ultimate compliment to our work.

We spend a long time with our patients discussing all of the options that can be given and we listen carefully.   The conversations that we have with our patients are very important before we start, as we want to make sure that we correct exactly what our patient’s desire.  Many patients bring in old pictures, as we try to recapture what they liked best about their old smiles and make even further improvements to get the look they always wanted.  We want our patients to be beaming, we especially like doing what I call the “dazzle them at the reunion” kind of dentistry.

2 Responses to "How to fix crowded, crooked and chipped teeth with Invisalign® and Dental Crowns"

  1. Family Dentist Newbury  May 30, 2013 at 7:34 am

    Thanks for sharing your view towards your patients and specially i like the last paragraph that shows how much you care of your patients and the serve service as per their requirement.

  2. Michael leoson  March 14, 2014 at 4:14 am

    I appreciate your blog. Tooth crowns are the most successful way to protect teeth from further damage and enjoy a perfect smile. I had chipped teeth, and I get the crowns from Dr. Ratna Indah. I really enjoy my new look.


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