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Does the color of your dental crown or bridge not match?

Matching the color of a dental crown to adjacent teeth

Perfect shade for a dental crown

Many of our patients are overwhelmed that we can be so efficient when it comes to custom coloring or modifying new crowns or bridges. Before any restoration is placed in a patient’s mouth, it is carefully tried in to make sure it is perfect in both color and shape. We make sure every dental crown and bridge perfectly matches the color of the patient’s teeth. A perfect shade match is essential for cosmetic dentistry.

In our dental office  in Boynton Beach Florida, we have the luxury of a laboratory in our office with a porcelain oven that can also insure a rapid fix to insure our patient’s satisfaction. Prior to our insertion of a new esthetically designed dental crown, we carefully select a shade with our patients actively involved. We have unlimited shades of porcelain available, and, even after the carefully selection of a shade, it may have to be slightly modified.

Sometimes, a custom color glaze with a different hue may be needed. We have what appears to be an artist’s palate with porcelain glazes that can be “painted on” with a small brush. After placing the restoration in the porcelain oven for approximately 10 minutes, the modifications that we make are permanent and will not discolor.

The porcelain oven is also used to modify crowns or bridges to make sure patients do not get food caught between their teeth. We make sure that our crowns and bridges fit tightly prior to insertion, with a nice contact with the adjacent teeth. To add a snug contact, having a porcelain oven is a snap. Again, it just takes ten minutes to add more porcelain so that there is a snug fit next to a patient’s existing teeth.

We also have new patients that have implant crowns or bridges in which they have fractured porcelain. Many implant crowns or bridges are retrievable (we have the latest devices to remove these restorations). Once removed and purged (to get out any impurities in the porcelain), we usually can repair them right in our office. If the damage is extensive, our local lab can usually repair them by the next day. We strive to use the efficiencies of modern dentistry to make our patients life more pleasant, having a lab in our office is a great bonus that we all appreciate.

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  1. Michelle  March 4, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    Natural looking crowns are more aesthetically pleasing and preferred by majority of the patients, but the quality of the dental restoration must also be taken into consideration.


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