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Imagine, you fall and break a tooth…A dental bridge is an esthetic solution

Porcelain Dental Bridge

Beautiful porcelain dental bridge to replace a missing front tooth

 When we arrive in the office in the morning, we are always amazed that we often have at least one or two new patients on an emergency basis that breaks a a tooth.  I always say that as we get older, if we fall, we just don’t get up so fast.  Our bones get more brittle as well as our teeth.  Teeth can crack on ice, a pretzel or we just have a large filling that cracks.  Our office policy is to get every patient that calls with an emergency in the day they call and to fix the problem that day.  We are constantly making temporary crowns, so any patient that breaks a tooth or a bunch of teeth can go home that day looking and feeling great.

Last week we had a patient that fell while getting off an airplane.  When she arrived at our office, one of her front teeth had broken off totally and a second tooth was fractured below the gum line.  Both teeth could not be saved and she had a large gap in the very front of her mouth,  It was not a pretty picture.  We offered her the solution of immediate implants and we would replace the two teeth immediately on two implants.  This patient elected not to have implants and the solution that she wanted was to make her a temporary dental bridge retained by her remaining teeth.  When she walked out of the office, our temporary bridge looked great and nobody would know about her accident except that her upper lip was swollen from the fall.  A few days later, the swelling was down and, within a short period of time, her permanent dental bridge was placed with temporary cement. We waited for her gums to fully heal and then we re-evaluated the appearance of the bridge. Upon re-evaluation, the bridge still looked perfect.  We have a happy patient, as her teeth were fixed expeditiously and the end result looked better than before she started  It made everyone, including the patient, me and my entire staff feel just great as to how wonderfully her teeth looked throughout the procedure.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about emergency dentistry, and please feel free to let me know about any topics that you would like me write about next. I enjoy hearing your comments.

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