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Welcome to The Palm Beach Cosmetic Dentistry Blog!

Welcome to The Palm Beach Cosmetic Dentistry Blog! For many years, I have thought about starting a blog, so I’m thrilled to write my first post.

As my family, friends and patients know, I truly love dentistry. Without my dental practice, my golf game would hopefully improve, but filling time would be a challenge. Fortunately, my office team is extraordinary and every day (or almost every day) is delightful.

Today is especially exciting in the office though. Months of hard work have finally paid off. Our new blog and website are officially live!

Both are loaded with the most innovative ideas and articles about dentistry. Unfortunately, reading about dental procedures is nearly impossible online. Our goal is to change this. If you are looking for tips on teeth whitening or anything related to the dental field, we want to provide the information.

Honestly, I cannot wait to start adding posts that cover all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. I will talk about smile makeovers, veneers and dental implants. I will clarify the different teeth whitening options and talk about food that should be avoided to keep your smile bright. If any dental procedure is missed, let me know, and I’ll immediately cover it in-depth.

Are there questions that you have always wanted to ask your dentist? Ask away.

I hope that you enjoy the posts. I promise to make them as interesting, and informative, as possible. In the end, my goal is simple: to help and encourage my readers to have a beautiful and healthy smile.

I look forward to your feedback, your questions, and starting my new blog. Welcome again!

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