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Did you like Jonah Hill’s smile in “Wolf of Wall Street”?

Exam by cosmetic dentist in dental office

The first step to cosmetic dentistry is an exam to discuss what you are looking for.

 The “Wolf of Wall Street” is up for several Academy awards including Jonah Hill for supporting actor.  In Friday’s Wall Street Journal, in a whimsical article including the categories of Best Hair and Best Food, they gave Jonah the Award for Best Teeth.  As they wrote, aside from his great performance, his “glistening white chompers stood out”.   The character that he portrayed was a local Boca Raton resident and everyone always notices how perfect his teeth look and how they sparkle and make him look younger.

In the movie, Jonah actually wore a snap-on smile that was removable and went over his natural teeth. This is obviously only really used in the movies to temporarily create that bright, over-the-top smile that Jonah portrayed.

In reality, the sky is the limit when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Veneers, crowns, teeth whitening and Invisalign can be combined in many different ways to create beautiful smile makeovers.

Every day in our office, a patient asks us look at their smile and evaluate what they can do to make it look better from a cosmetic dentistry perspective.  Our options are many and usually involve us sitting down with a patient to discuss exactly what they feel they need to have done to make their teeth look better.  Sometimes it is just as simple as polishing and reshaping some old discolored fillings or adding to some existing bonded restorations.

Sometimes caps  or crowns are needed, while for other patients we place veneers on just a few or several teeth. We listen to what our patients want, and many times we take study models and send them to our cosmetic dental lab to create a smile makeover that you can look at before any dentistry is done.

Also, teeth whitening is an amazing way to make your smile brighter in younger in a pretty expeditious manner.

We can also use Invisalign to straighten teeth.  Many patients have had braces and liked the way their teeth looked, only for them to relapse and gradually become crooked again.  We can straighten teeth with Invisalign and no one can see the clear trays that you are wearing to put your teeth back to where they belong.  If you have gaps between your teeth, there are several options we will present and we will advise you on which one may work best for you.

I was speaking to the partner of the Wolf of Wall Street and told him that he looked so good that he should be played by Brad Pitt.  What happened was that the part of him that stood out and got noticed was those “glistening choppers”.  Wanna feel like a movie star with a smile makeover? Or would just like your smile to look a little brighter or younger? Give us a call.

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