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How to fix chipped crooked teeth with beautiful porcelain veneers

Porcelain teeth veneers

A beautiful smile makeover with porcelain dental veneers!

On Monday morning, we have an interesting cosmetic case to restore a patients smile. In about an hour and a half from when we start her treatment, she will be looking in a mirror and will be beaming from ear to ear and loving her new look as all her crowded, chipped and discolored teeth will become straight, even and beautiful. She has wanted her teeth to look more youthful for years. When we sat down and gave her a few options, it took her a few minutes to make her decision.

We love this kind of dentistry, as it is so rewarding for us to make our patients so happy. A few weeks ago, she decided that she no longer liked the crowding, chipping, and coloration of her lower teeth and that they bothered her enough to set up a consultation for us to talk. We offered her a few different options. One was to use Invisalign to straighten her teeth, followed by whitening and tooth colored bonding to correct the chips. Invisalign would have worked very well and would be a great option but would have taken at least a year and a half, and she didn’t want to wait that long to see the results.

We offered her a second option which involved porcelain veneers. The veneers would be perfectly straight and naturally shaped and colored. Each tooth would be carefully prepared and if a tooth was too far out or leaning against another tooth we would prepare it to straighten it out. Her temporary veneers will be made lighter than her teeth are now and the color would closely duplicate the color of her new veneers. Impressions will be taken and our quality lab will carefully make each porcelain veneer to be straight and natural looking. The final restorations will be ready in a few weeks and we will cement her veneers in with a temporary cement so that she will able to make sure that they are perfect for her esthetic desires. When she is happy and tells us that they are exactly how she wants her teeth to look, we will permanently cement her veneers. We will have a very happy patient. A great looking smile will be created for everyone to see and comment on.

We often get patients that want to create a new smile with lighter and straighter dental veneers. The results that we get are rewarding for the dentist, our entire staff, and especially our grateful patients.

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