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Ask our hygienists any question about dental cleanings!

Do you have any questions about oral hygiene?

Written by south Florida cosmetic dental office Lissauer Dental, serving Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Palm Beach

We have four fantastic hygienists, Nancy, Vicki, Maria and Lindy, at Lissauer Dental. They create an extremely welcoming environment and make sure you are comfortable throughout the dental cleaning.

They are more than happy to answer any of your questions about oral hygiene, proper brushing, flossing, and more. If you would like to ask a question or schedule a dental cleaning, please contact us by phone: (561) 733-4004 or Schedule online

About the teeth cleaning experience at Lissauer Dental:

In our office, your dental health is our goal. We want your smile to be healthy and beautiful. Our four wonderful hygienists, Nancy, Vicki, Maria and Lindy, will show you how to brush and floss properly to keep your mouth fresh and clean. Our hygienists create an extremely welcoming environment to ensure your comfort. We even have TVs in the ceilings, so you can lie back, relax, and watch during your teeth cleaning.

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