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Invisalign Clear Aligner

We hope you enjoyed our articles about Invisalign. The internet is not the easiest place to find reliable information about different dental procedures, so we dedicated a considerable amount of time to our website. Our goal was to create an up-to-date site that is extremely informative for people that enjoy learning about dentistry.

Hopefully, most of your uncertainties about Invisalign were addressed. However, we are more than happy to answer any other questions. Also, we frequently update the site with new content so please let us know if there is a topic that should be discussed in more detail. Also, please feel free to get in touch with any unanswered questions by phone: (561) 733-4004 or by email.

My view on how Invisalign® has changed dentistry:

Invisalign is certainly one of the greatest dental inventions since I began practicing over twenty-five years ago. Adults that were previously reluctant or embarrassed to have braces are now embracing Invisalign. Best of all, they truly enjoy the Invisalign process. They love watching their teeth gradually move, aligning into a beautiful smile. As a cosmetic dentist, I could not ask for anything better. When combining teeth whitening, veneers and implants with Invisalign, any Smile Makeover is becoming possible. If you have any questions about Invisalign or cosmetic dentistry, please feel free to contact us.

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