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Written by the dentists at Lissauer & Eriks Dental, providing beautiful dentistry in the Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach community for over 25 years

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Choosing the perfect dentist for Invisalign® is an important decision, and you should select a dentist that you feel relaxed speaking with and trust. Aligning your teeth and completing a beautiful smile makeover begins with a strong relationship between you and your dentist. Unfortunately, as we age, our lower jaw tends to constrict. As a result, people tend to get crowding in the front of their lower jaw. Invisalign® is an excellent option to relieve this crowding and restore your beautiful smile.

The first step of Invisalign® is to be evaluated to see if you are a good candidate. There are many factors that need to be considered: the amount of crowding, the condition of your gums, the number of crowns and bridges, the shape of your teeth, the amount of teeth that show when you speak and smile, your overjet and overbite, the condition of your jaw joint (TMJ), your motivation to straighten your teeth, and much more… Needless to say, a lot is involved in evaluating to make sure that Invisalign® is the best option for you.

We pride ourselves on providing a welcoming environment, where you feel comfortable and at ease. Before we provide our opinion, we first want to know your goals, worries, and concerns. Together, we can determine the best way to create the beautiful smile you are looking for. So, if you have any questions, Dr. Lissauer would gladly schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your different options. If you have been considering [email protected], Dr Lissauer is more than happy to discuss the pros and cons of treatment, the process, and what to expect throughout.

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My view on how Invisalign® has changed dentistry:

Invisalign is certainly one of the greatest dental inventions since I began practicing over twenty-five years ago. Adults that were previously reluctant or embarrassed to have braces are now embracing Invisalign. Best of all, they truly enjoy the Invisalign process. They love watching their teeth gradually move, aligning into a beautiful smile. As a cosmetic dentist, I could not ask for anything better. When combining teeth whitening, veneers and implants with Invisalign, any Smile Makeover is becoming possible. If you have any questions about Invisalign or cosmetic dentistry, please feel free to contact us.

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