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Loose tooth

If your tooth is loose, you should see a dentist to examine the area

Written by the dentists at Lissauer & Eriks Dental, serving Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Palm Beach

The first step of emergency dental care for a loose tooth is an evaluation by a dentist. Your dentist will start by gathering as much information as possible in order to determine the cause.
Many factors may contribute to a tooth feeling loose, but the most common causes are:

Gum disease: In severe gum disease (also referred to as periodontal disease), the bone that supports and holds in your teeth may decrease over time. This loss of bone can cause your teeth to become mobile and feel loose upon pressure.

Too much force on a tooth: If too much biting force is concentrated on a single tooth, the tooth may become mobile and feel loose. In this situation, your dentist will discuss various solutions to decrease the intense force on that tooth.

Infection: If a tooth is infected, the bone surrounding the tooth may erode as your body battles the infection. As a result, this loss of bone may cause your tooth to feel loose.

Trauma to the area: With a severely traumatic blow to the jaw, a tooth may be loose, displaced into a different position, or even knocked out.

    • In some situations, the jaw may actually be fractured. A fractured jaw requires comprehensive treatment, and you may be referred to an oral surgeon for further evaluation and treatment.
    • If the jaw is not fractured but a tooth is loose or displaced, your dentist may move the tooth to its appropriate position. Before doing so, your dentist will numb the area to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. After placing the tooth in the correct position, the tooth will be splinted to your other teeth to hold it in place. After a period of time, the splint will be removed.

Clearly, a loose tooth may be due to a myriad of factors. After the cause of the problem is determined, your dentist will discuss the possible treatment options.

About our office and emergency dental care:

At Lissauer Dental, we truly understand the pain you are experiencing during your dental emergency. We will bend over backwards to accommodate you if you need immediate care. Our office policy to see patients with dental emergencies the day that we are called, even if you are new to our practice. So, please do not hesitate to call, and we will be here for you.

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