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What is a Dental Emergency?

Toothaches, wisdom teeth pain, tooth abscess, broken denture, lost crown, broken filling

Written by the dentists at Lissauer & Eriks Dental, serving Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Palm Beach

Patient needs emergency dental care for toothache and pain

Experiencing a dental emergency? Please seek dental care immediately. Dental problems typically worsen rather than improve, so you should contact your dentist without delay.

Many types of dental emergencies can occur. You can have a severe toothache, broken denture, chipped tooth, knocked-out tooth, broken filling, or even a crown come out. Regardless of the type of dental emergency you experience, you should seek care immediately. Unfortunately, dental problems typically progress into larger situations when left untreated. So, please let your dentist help you.

If you look below, we have listed many common dental emergencies, which you can click on for more information. However, if you are experiencing a dental or medical emergency, you should immediately call your dentist, doctor or 911.

If you currently are looking for a dentist, we always welcome new smiles at Lissauer Dental. We are located in Boynton Beach but many of our patients come from Palm Beach, Delray Beach and throughout south Florida. We are here for you during your dental emergency, even if you are new to our practice.

Check out Dr. Lissauer’s blog post about a common dental emergency, a broken tooth filling.

About our office and emergency dental care:

At Lissauer Dental, we truly understand the pain you are experiencing during your dental emergency. We will bend over backwards to accommodate you if you need immediate care. Our office policy to see patients with dental emergencies the day that we are called, even if you are new to our practice. So, please do not hesitate to call, and we will be here for you.

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