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Dentures: Types

Conventional complete dentures, immediate complete dentures, same day dentures, dentures in a day, implant dentures

Written by the dentists at Lissauer & Eriks Dental, serving Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Palm Beach

There are two types of complete dentures, depending on if you are already missing your teeth or if you need all of your teeth taken out:

Conventional Complete Denture: When already missing all of your teeth in the upper arch or lower arch, a Conventional Complete Denture is made to replace all of the teeth in that arch.

Immediate Complete Denture (or Same Day Denture): An Immediate Complete Denture is a complete denture that is given to you right after your teeth are extracted. For instance, if you only have a few upper teeth remaining that unfortunately cannot be saved, a denture can be made and given to you the same day those few teeth are taken out.

In this case, you go through all of the steps of making the denture before the day of extractions. On the day of extractions, the teeth are taken out and you are given the Immediate Complete Denture. Thus, some people refer to this as a Denture In A Day. This way, you won’t spend any time without teeth to speak, eat, and smile.

In both Conventional Complete Dentures and Immediate Complete Dentures, dental implants can be used to secure the denture in place and prevent it from moving while speaking and chewing.

Learn more about Implant Dentures.

How implants have changed the way I make dentures:

Over twenty-five years ago, my wife and I moved to south Florida from Boston, where I attended and taught at Tufts Dental School. My office has been located in the Boynton Beach and Delray Beach area since moving to Palm Beach County. In my practice, implant dentures have become a common dental procedure. New patients will present to our office with an ill-fitting denture or partial denture. We are often able to use dental implants to drastically improve its comfort and fit. The implants serve as an anchor and hold the denture in place while chewing and speaking. Quite honestly, our patients typically cannot understand how they used to cope with their old denture before implants. If you have an uncomfortable denture or you are considering a new denture, partial denture or implant denture, we would gladly provide a complimentary evaluation:

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