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Healing after implant surgery

Healing and recovery after surgery and what to do if there is a problem

Written by the dentists at Lissauer & Eriks Dental, providing implant dentistry to Boynton Beach, Palm Beach and Delray Beach, Florida

After the dental implant surgery is completed, detailed instructions will be provided and explained to you on how to care for the area in the coming days. Here are some general instructions:

Since the area will be numb right after completing the surgery, you should not eat until the numbing agent wears off. The length of time depends on the person, but two hours is the average.

You may feel mild to moderate discomfort for a few days after, so you will be instructed at the end of the appointment on which pain medication to take if needed.

In order to prevent an infection, an antibiotic is typically prescribed.

After the first 24 hours, warm salt-water rinses are helpful, around four times a day.

You should mix a teaspoon of salt (regular table salt) in a glass of water (around 9 oz.). Swish for around 1 minute and then spit.

Problems after the surgery occasionally occur. People may swell, develop an infection, bruise, develop a fever, or bleed after the procedure. If this happens to you or if anything is bothering you after any surgery in our office, please contact us immediately. We know this is a difficult period for you, so please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns…(561) 733-4004.

Dr. Lee Hauer: Periodontist & Implant placement specialist

Our implant placement specialist, periodontist Dr. Lee Hauer, comes to the office each week to perform the highest quality implant surgeries. Dr. Hauer uses only the most technological equipment and has over 18 years of training and experience in implant dentistry. Dental implants are such a common procedure in our office that we are extremely familiar with all implant types. We personally prefer to use Nobel Biocare implants, as they are made from the highest quality materials and are extremely well researched and tested. Nobel Biocare even provides a Warranty on their implant parts, which is unique in the industry. Actually, patients often present to our office with old implants, nervous because they forgot the name of the implant system used. Due to our familiarity with all implant systems, we are able to figure out the company of the implant and address any of the patient’s concerns. If you live in the south Florida area and are considering dental implants, please feel free to schedule a complimentary evaluation in our office.

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