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What problems cosmetic dentists treat?

If any of the following conditions apply to you and bothers you, you should maybe consider consulting a cosmetic dentist:

Teeth staining or discoloration
Coffee, soda, wine, tobacco, various foods, and even some prescription medications can cause tooth discoloration.  Teeth whitening is very effective at eliminating stains. For more resistant discolorations, dental veneers can be used.

Chipped teeth
Even though enamel is the strongest substance in your body, teeth can still chip and fracture. For small chips, tooth colored fillings are often used to restore the tooth to its natural appearance. For larger chips, veneers or even a crown may be needed.

Gaps between your teeth
Permanent teeth can grow in with gaps between them, or gaps can be created later in life.  Depending on the situation, various techniques can be used to fix these spaces, including veneers, tooth colored fillings, crowns, and orthodontics.

Rotated or crooked teeth
Teeth can grow in rotated or can even rotate over time.  Dental veneers, crowns, and orthodontics are all possible solutions to correct rotated teeth.

Short or Small teeth
Teeth may appear short or small for numerous reasons: your gum tissue may be covering a portion of the teeth, you may have been born with small teeth, or you may have ground them down over years.  Cosmetic dental procedures, like veneers and gum tissue remodeling, can help create the proper teeth proportions. (Learn more about dental veneers.)

Gummy smile
For some people, excessive gum tissue may cover too much tooth structure.  In this case, you may see more gum tissue and less teeth than the average person. In a procedure, your gum line can be re-shaped to create the natural proportion and contours of gum tissue and teeth.

Black spaces between your teeth
Over time, your gums may recede, creating what appear to be black spaces or black triangles in between your teeth. Numerous cosmetic procedures, such as veneers, tooth colored bondings and crowns, can be used to fill in these black areas and restore your natural smile.

Unattractive silver fillings
If placed near the front of the mouth, silver fillings may appear unnatural.  Silver fillings are reliable and lasting restorations. However, they may stand out if placed in highly visible areas. In these situations, silver fillings can be removed and replaced with natural tooth colored fillings.

Missing teeth
Along with making chewing difficult, missing teeth can be unattractive.  Adjacent and opposing teeth will shift and move to close the gaps, causing tilted and rotated teeth. Many different dental techniques, such as dental bridges, dental implants, and partial dentures, can be used to replace missing teeth.

Many people actually have a combination of the conditions listed.  You and your cosmetic dentist can develop a comprehensive plan of action that addresses all that apply to you.  The first step is a full evaluation to determine the necessary steps and procedures to create your perfect smile.